GESI Consultants, LLC. is a technology intensive firm with application and industry specific expertise

We specialize in a broad range of solutions to meet a variety of client needs in e-business, ERP & specialized engineering areas. Below are some of GESI's core-competences on different platforms like Microsoft, SUN & ORACLE, and graphical representations of key strengths both programmatically and architecturally.

GESI competencies on the Sun platform.

GESI competencie on J2ME Platforms.

GESI has significant experience developing large and medium scale Java applications.

  • Java platform provides APIs and tools for developing a range of applications from Enterprise systems to applications for embedded and wireless devices.
  • Java offers common environment for applications to scale from servers to users' PCs, laptops and also accessible to hand-held mobile devices.
  • J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) provides support for developing applications running in devices with constrained configurations.

GESI competencies on Microsoft Embedded Platforms.

GESI competencies on the Oracle platform.


GESI specializes in designing and developing XML Web services with .NET as the platform. Our web services allow applications to communicate and share data over the Internet and can be called by other services or applications regardless of the platform and operating system. GESI is well positioned with XML core-competency that allows applications to talk to each other by providing universal data format with the capability to transform or adapt data. Our open methodology consists of XML based standards that include SOAP and UDDI.

Our implementation of web services for clients will change the paradigm for companies where the Internet is now predominantly used to present information by servers talking to users. The new paradigm provides a means for applications to interact with other applications with significant improvement in user productivity and access of information by means of user experiences at end points within organizations.

GESI competencies on Microsoft .NET platform.

Business Integration
GESI provides Business Integration within a company or among business partners resulting in lowered costs and improved productivity over the traditional scenario where information is isolated on various systems. Traditional integration locks business into one partner or system without flexibility while exhausting valuable resources to design, develop, maintain and upgrade the system. GESI offers easier integration to enable software applications to interact and work together while creating improved connectivity by using internet and .NET platform. In addition, GESI gives a competitive advantage through best of breed integration.
Enhancing Web Sites through Web Services
GESI enhances today's websites to interact with one another and with current systems and applications. GESI provides user experience in a manner that creates significant value proposition by integrating XML web services. We componentize and modularize software and allow them to communicate through standard internet protocols like XML and SOAP. The services offer a way for business processes to interact. With .Net platform, GESI can program the web by connecting internal, remote and stand alone systems by XML Web services which meet unique business needs.
Connecting Internal Systems
GESI can connect different internal systems using XML Services. Each of the above examples of XML Web services would today represent an isolated Web site or software application - the interactivity between them was largely restricted to users logging into each Web site or application separately and reentering information. XML Web services give businesses the opportunity to concentrate on their key business strengths by making it easier to outsource other non-critical services.
Connecting with Businesses
GESI generates exciting business possibilities through creating web services and exposing them on the internet. This increases the number of customers and business partners that can come in contact with a particular business' services.
Connecting with Consumers
GESI can create exciting possibilities in the B2C space on .NET platform. A user will be able to establish an identity and move seamlessly from one .NET experience to another. They will control their data and be able to act on it anywhere, anyplace, and at anytime. They will have more power and control over their information as they enable applications to interact on their behalf.

GESI's .NET capabilities let businesses expose key processes as XML Web services, expand the customer and business interactions while creating more personal and intelligent user experiences.

Information Anytime, Anywhere

GESI provides information anytime anywhere advantages by developing services on .NET platform. XML Web services allow for applications written once to be run on a wide variety of devices. There is also no need to spend valuable time and resources creating separate versions of the service for each type of device. Once it is created as an XML Web service it is available for use on any device that can utilize XML. GESI brings inter connectedness among software applications, devices and people available on the .NET platform to create attractive opportunities in B2B or B2C areas.

    Some of the areas where our services can benefit are as follows:
  • Empower employees by providing information where and when they need it.
  • Facilitate better decisions by giving people in the field, at the office and in between the information they need in a suitable and useful form.
  • Sending urgent messages can be intelligently channeled to the appropriate device at the appropriate time with preferences and notification systems.